Bind-It Hand & Body Soap


The 8oz bottle is the perfect size for restrooms, or showers.  Regular use meets the intent of A.L.A.R.A.

Need to purchase in large quantities? 

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Most hand soaps either clean well, or make your hands feel good. Bind-It™ Hand & Body Soap not only does both, but also removes radioactive contamination. 

No other hand & body soap can do that!

Bind-It™ Hand Soap kills viruses and bacteria. When you scrub with Bind-It, it removes the bonding layer of viruses and splits open the outer membrane of the virus or bacteria, killing it. Bind-It then encapsulates the contaminants holding them in solution. When you rinse your hands, you are washing away all the dead germs.

Bind-It™ Hand & Body Soap will ensure you don’t take your work home with you.  

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Single, Case of 12

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