Bind-It Disposable Surface Wipes


Bind-It™ Disposable Surface Wipes In a convenient 50 wipe container, these strong pre-moistened wipes are ready to wipe down any surface, gently removing dirt, grime and contaminants, binding the radioactivity to the wipe to be disposed of.

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Bind-It™ Disposable Surface Wipes are ideal for routine cleaning. Bind-It™ removes dirt, dust, oils, grease, bacteria, germs, viruses and radioactive contamination. The pre-moistened wipes, make cleaning easy.

Bind-It™ Disposable Surface Wipes protect EMS personnel and patients from harmful radioactive contamination.

Using Bind-It™ Disposable Surface Wipes regularly, ensures that your unit will be clean, fresh and free of radioactive contamination.

Bind-It™ will not corrode metal, plastic or any other surface in your unit.

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Single, Case of 6

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