Bind-It Decontaminant Hand Soap Touch-less Dispenser


Bind-It Radioactive Decontaminant Hand soap touchless dispenser kit
comes with 6 bottles of 32oz refills.



Bind-It™ Hand Soap is designed to effectively remove radioactive contamination from your skin,

safely and gently.

Say goodbye to red, burning hands. Say hello to Bind-It™ Hand Soap.

The Top 5 Reasons to use Bind-It  Hand Soap Every Time you wash

  1. Geiger tube based hand monitors have low sensitivity. Your hands must have a pretty high level of contamination before the monitor picks it up. Bind-It™ Hand Soap removes contamination every time you wash.
  2. Bind-It™ Hand Soap will not dry your hands like ordinary lab soap.
  3. Bind-It™ Hand Soap has a fresh, clean scent.
  4. Bind-It™ Hand Soap is economical and convenient. Our touch-free, wall mount dispenser makes it easy.
  5. Bind-It™ Hand Soap meets the intent of ALARA. 
  6. Bind-It™ Hand Soap kills viruses and bacteria

When you scrub with Bind-It, it removes the bonding layer of viruses and splits open the outer membrane of the virus or bacteria, killing it. Bind-It then encapsulates the contaminants holding them in solution. When you rinse your hands, you are washing away all the dead germs.

Unlike other hand soaps, Bind-It Hand & Body soap also remove radioactive isotopes. All this is done with pleasantly scented, gentle soap that is soft on your skin.

Don’t take your work home with you.  Switch from your ordinary lab soap to the one designed for nuclear medicine – Bind-It™ Hand Soap. Your hands will thank you.