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Radioactive Decontaminate

Highly Effective on all Nuclear Medicine Isotopes

Bind-It™ is highly effective on all isotopes used in nuclear medicine, even radio-iodines.

In fact, Bind-It™ is so effective at removing I131, that many hospitals which have patient isolation rooms place Bind-It™ Hand Soap in the rooms for the patients to use.

This cuts down tremendously on contamination around the room.  Post-patient cleanup made simple.

Photo of a Periodic Table

Most decontaminants are designed to remove metallic isotopes.  The problem is, not all nuclear medicine isotopes are metals.  Take radio-iodines for instance.  As a halogen, iodine is a real problem for older generation decontaminants.


The difference is clear

Bind-It™ spray is different.  It will NOT damage syringe shield windows, L-blocks or fume hoods.

It will not corrode metal, plastic or any other surface. 

Bind-It™ is an ideal cleaner for all hot lab surfaces.  It removes dirt, dust, oils, grease as well as radioactive contamination.  Using Bind-It™ spray regularly provides a protective barrier that aids in subsequent cleanups.

That Smell!


NEVER AGAIN. Bind-It™ spray has a very mild, pleasant scent that does not change after isotope contact. 

Go ahead, use it before lunch - unlike others, Bind-It™ will not act as an appetite suppressant.


Your hands shouldn't be an afterthought

Series of fiery illustrations

Older generation decontaminants were never designed for use on your skin.


They can cause dryness, irritation - even burning.  

Don’t your hands take enough abuse at work already?


The Top 5 Reasons to use Bind-It  Hand Soap Every Time you wash

  1. Geiger tube based hand monitors have low sensitivity. Your hands must have a pretty high level of contamination before the monitor picks it up. Bind-It™ Hand Soap removes contamination every time you wash.

  2. Bind-It™ Hand Soap will not dry your hands like ordinary lab soap.

  3. Bind-It™ Hand Soap has a fresh, clean scent.

  4. Bind-It™ Hand Soap is economical and convenient. Our touch-free, wall mount dispenser makes it easy.

  5. Bind-It™ Hand Soap meets the intent of ALARA.

Don’t take your work home with you.  Switch from your ordinary lab soap to the one designed for nuclear medicine - Bind-It™ Hand Soap. Your hands will thank you.


Proven Performance

Bind-It™ Decontamination products have a proven record of superior performance. 

For over 20 Years Bind-It™ has been used by Nuclear Medicine departments, Nuclear Pharmacies, Veterinary clinics, power plants, oil companies, and even the space industry.

Bind-It™ is used worldwide in over 30 countries. 

Bind-It™ is very effective at removing all radiopharmaceuticals.  There are no other products on the market that are as effective at removing I123, I125 and I131.  Bind-It™ is the preferred radioactive decontamination product everywhere.  Bind-It™ Hand and Body Soap is the only radioactive decontaminant designed specifically for use on skin.