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Safe & Effective Removal of Radioactive Contamination.

Nuclear Medicine

The Next Generation of Radioactive Decontaminants. Highly effective on all isotopes used in nuclear medicine, even radio-iodines. 

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Radioactive Decontamination products made to protect those, that protect us. The necessary choice for routine cleaning and Radioactive Decontamination.

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Patient care doesn't stop at the exit sign. Radio-iodine treatment is for thyroid patients - not their families. The only product made for home use.

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Regular use of Bind-It™ Decontamination products will reduce the risk of exposure to harmful radioactive contamination.

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Proven Performance

Bind-It™ Decontamination products have a proven record of superior performance.

For over 20 Years Bind-It™ has been used by Nuclear Medicine departments, Nuclear Pharmacies, Veterinary clinics, power plants, oil companies, and even the space industry.  Bind-It™ is used worldwide in over 30 countries. 

Bind-It™ is very effective at removing all radiopharmaceuticals.  There are no other products on the market that are as effective at removing I123, I125 and I131.  Bind-It™ is the preferred radioactive decontamination product everywhere.  Bind-It™ Hand and Body Soap is the only radioactive decontaminant designed specifically for use on skin.