• DO – Wear Slippers (cheap and disposable) or thick socks at all times.  Your feet perspire and will leave radioactive “footprints”.
  • DO – Place a plastic drop cloth under your bed sheets and above your mattress pad.  Wrap your pillow (under the pillow case) with plastic cooking wrap.
  • DO – Wash your hands frequently with Bind-It hand soap.
  • DO – Clean your bathroom sink, toilet and floor with Bind-It.
  • DO – Dispose of your toothbrush and toilet bowl brush once the isolation period is over.
  • DO –  Keep all trash from paper towels or anything used to clean separated from regular trash and away from children and pets.  We suggest you store this in a corner of your garage for at least 88 days (11 half lives) before throwing it away with your regular garbage.


  • DON’T – USE BLEACH or bleach containing cleaners.  Bleach will cause radioactive iodine to become gaseous and may spread far and wide.
  • DON’T – Forget to remove any drop-in toilet tank cleaners that have bleach in them.
  • DON’T – Eat any foods with cores or bones (such as apples, fried chicken, etc.) or chew gum.  The chicken bones, apple cores and chewing gum will be radioactive and may set off alarms at the garbage dump.
  • DON’T – Use acidic household cleaners.  These may cause the same problem as bleach, but to a lesser effect.
  • DON’T – Forget to wrap TV remotes and telephones in plastic.  Plastic sandwich bags work great for this.
  • DON’T – Sleep on the other side of a wall from someone.  The wall provides almost no shielding.  and you are basically sleeping head to head with the other person and exposing them for 8 hours continuously.