Post-treatment, After your cat is released, you will need to spend a few weeks using some basic, common sense safety precautions primarily regarding your cat’s litter box output. Your cat will be releasing small amounts of I131 every time it uses the litter box.

Your Veterinarian may give you a special disposal kit to use post-treatment for the litter, or you may be told to use flushable litter. Clean the Litter box and immediate area around the littler box with Bind-It™ Ready-to-Use Spray. If you are using flushable litter, you will also need to clean the toilet with Bind-It™ Ready-to-Use Spray. For the first two weeks after your cat returns home, your cat must remain indoors. You will need to limit (not stop) snuggling with your cat.  It is important to wash your hands with Bind-It™ hand soap after prolonged close contact with your cat. We recommend pregnant women and small children not to participate in the cat’s care during these two weeks. After about two weeks, simply return to your normal pet-care and pet-loving routine.

Bind-It™ products are specifically designed to remove radioactive iodine contamination from almost any surface. Visit the Bind-It™ product page for more information about Bind-It™, or ask your Veterinarian. Bind-It™ is also available at leading  Feline treatment centers or online from this website.