Bind-It Patient Care Pack

Bind-It Deluxe Patient Care Pack

There is a real need to protect families from the dangers of second hand exposure to the radioactive iodine from Thyroid treatment patients. Bind-It will remove radioactive contamination.

Your family can get the same level of protection from second hand exposure that hospital workers get with Bind-It™.

 Are you or a loved one getting RAI treatment? Order a Bind-It™ Patient Care Pack today.

“The package was here Monday morning ! Tracy used the kit this morning and was pleased. She has a little more to do, but I think that it was a great thing to ease her mind and give her confidence that all is well and her home is once again safe for her family. That is worth a great deal more than the cost of the kit. You all have done a great thing for Tracy and our family. Thank you for the great product, great advice, and great service. We are all very grateful.

Bob & Vickie & Tracy and Rich, Laura, Allison and Olivia”

The real concern with radiation exposure to others in your family has more to do with them coming into contact with actual contamination.  This is of particular concern because this can lead to internal uptake with the radioactive iodine then accumulating in their thyroids.  If a person with a health thyroid intakes the I131, it will damage their thyroid tissue and potentially lead to future thyroid problems.  Since Children have smaller thyroids then adults, the impact of contamination is greater. It is especially important for children and pregnant women not to come into contact with contaminated areas.

According to an article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism  Exposure to small amounts if I131 may be more dangerous than large amounts.  This is due to the Beta particles being emitted by the I131. Beta particles can mutate or kill cells.  When cells are exposed to a small dose of Beta particles, they can mutate. Mutated cells may develop rapidly into cancerous tumors. Why take any chances?  Bind-It is the only product proven safe and effective to remove radioactive iodine contamination from your home following RAI treatment.

The Bind-It Patient Care Pack comes complete with everything you will need for  1-2 weeks of use