Bind-It radioactive Decontaminant

Bind-It Patient Care Pack

Bind-It radioactive decontaminant is a safe, gentle and extremely effective cleaner that binds, traps radioactive iodine allowing it to be removed from most surfaces and skin. Bind-It  products work by trapping the Radioactive Iodine in solution.  Then it can be wiped away or rinsed from surfaces that you may have contaminated as the Radioactive Iodine is eliminated from your Body.

  • I131 will also pass out of your body through a sneeze, a cough, a runny nose, saliva, urine, stool, vomit, even your breath.
  • Any surfaces you touch must be cleaned.  If not cleaned promptly, that contamination will spread. 
  • When healthy cells are exposed to I131, they can mutate. Mutated cells may develop into cancerous tumors.
  • Protect your loved ones with Bind-It, the only cleaner designed to bind and remove Radioactive Iodine (I131)
  • Bind-It has a Proven record of Superior Performance
  • Household cleaners and disinfectants can cause I131 to become airborne spreading the contamination

Most people’s knowledge of radiation comes from what they learned in high school science classes.  Or what they see in movies (zombies roaming Chernobyl), or the media (Fukushima, North Korea, etc.).  In short, it’s all bad.

Now you are told that you will be swallowing a capsule of radioactive iodine to “fix” your thyroid problem.  But – you have to go home – and stay isolated from your family for several days so you don’t expose and contaminate them.

Bind-It  products are gentle enough for routine use and extremely effective at removing radioactive iodine (I131) contamination from almost any surface.  Bind-It  will not stain surfaces. Use Bind-It  anywhere you suspect radioactive iodine contamination may be present.

Laboratory Technologies, Inc. has been supplying Bind-It radioactive decontaminant to laboratories, nuclear pharmacies, hospital nuclear medicine departments for more than 20 years.

There is a real need and desire to protect families from the dangers of second hand exposure to the radioactive iodine from Thyroid treatment patients. Now, your family can get the same level of protection from second hand exposure that hospital workers get with Bind-It™.

Are you or a loved one getting RAI treatment? Order your Bind-It™ Patient Care Pack today.

Order Your Bind-It™ Patient Care Pack Today!

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