At LTI we talk to a lot of RAI patients and Institutional Bind-It™ customers.  Our customers have had many great things to say about Bind-It™. Here are a few of out favorites.

Nuclear Medicine Technician from a hospital in British Columbia – “Bind-It™ is the only thing we have found which has helped clean I131 from the floors of our patient rooms.  We find our thyroid patients in isolation rooms don’t always wear their slippers as instructed.  The perspiration from their feet contaminates the floor“

Julie C., New Jersey –  “This product is wonderful.  I’m just getting a scan this time, but I wish I had known about it when I had my treatment”.

Diane F., California – “I am so happy to get this product.  I was so afraid of my daughter contaminating the children”.

Carol D., Alabama –  “They didn’t tell me anything about how to clean up the radioactivity at home.  They just said ‘flush the toilet twice’.  Getting your products and the detailed cleaning instructions you provide make me feel much better”.

Ed K., New York –  “I just assumed bleach would be a good thing to use.  I’m really glad I found out what a mistake that would have been”.

Chief Technologist from  a large Reference Lab –  “We use Bind-It™ to clean the I125 from our assay samples after we run them.  It allows us to decontaminate the test tubes, so that we don’t have to dispose of them as radioactive waste”.

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician from Arkansas –  “We use Bind-It™ to clean up from spills in our hot lab.  It is the only thing we have found that really works for I131″.